Speed Up Vista Startup

So your tired of your computer starting up slow and you want to know how to speed up vista startup on your machine. Trust me we have all been there at some point in time. It can be extremely frustrating when your computer takes longer to get up and running in the morning than you do! Unfortunately if you have owned your computer for any length of time then it has no doubt become much slower than it was when you bought it. Its ok though, there are several simple ways to speed up the vista startup time on your computer and actually make it run faster than the day it came out of the box!

The two primary causes of your vista startup slowing down over time are corruptions in the registry of your computer and excess programs running during your startup. If you want to speed up vista startup on your computer then these are the problems to address first. The registry controls your computers operations with a set of keys or codes that correspond with each operation.

If your registry becomes corrupt and the keys no longer match up with the operations then your computer has to work that much harder to do what it needs to do and this leads to your slow startup time. The other issue is with the programs you are running during your computers startup. If there are an excess of applications and programs running while your computer tries to start up then it takes your computer a lot longer to startup. You may be surprised at how many programs are starting up with your computer that you have no need for and are not necessary for your computers performance.

If you tackle both of these problems your computer will run as fast if not faster than the day you purchased it and it is quite simple to do. For more info on how to fix these problems and some other easy tricks you can use to speed up vista startup on your computer then check this site out. It offers several simple ways to speed up the startup time on your computer.

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